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Developer Update (26/11/2021)

We are getting closer and closer to the end of the year. It has been a super busy one for the team here at Untamed Isles. Not only has the team been super busy with building the game, but the team has grown substantially. Last week we had our fishing test, for everyone that participated, […]

Untamed Isles - Fishing

Developer Update (15/11/2021)

We have the latest updates outlined below, before the updates we want to thank the community for all the support we have received. Kickstarter, BackerKit and Guppy Gang have been huge. We have our server and profession test coming up, we hope to see you there. Now onto the updates. General: • Hiring for a […]

Developer Update (30/10/2021)

What a busy 2 weeks we have had with many more to come. As you have noticed, we have the Guppy Gang project announced and will be ready shortly for people to start getting their hands on to Guppy NFTs. Now that is out of the way, we have been doing a lot of rejigging […]

Developer Update (15/10/2021)

Another 2 weeks have already gone by and we have another update to provide. Thanks to everyone that helped with our server tests over the last 2 weeks. It has really provided good and insightful feedback. It also highlighted some oddities that we would not have found without the server tests. Now, lets kick off […]

Developer Update (01/10/2021)

This week we have a lot to update the community on as well as a little bit of a new structure for the weekly updates, splitting it into a few new sections as you will see below. We have been overwhelmed with everyone’s support and allowing us to achieve 420% (I know, I know) of […]

Developer Update (20/09/2021)

Another 2 weeks (and a bit) have passed and we have more updates. The kickstarter is coming close to finishing and we are overwhelmed by all your support. Now, let’s get into the updates below: • Backend Infrastructure updated and is mostly finished from a migration perspective. • Started reworking skills and sections of the […]

Developer Update (03/09/2021)

The kickstarter has been launched and we want to thank everyone for their support so far. We are currently 115% funded. Thanks so much! Moving onto our developer update. There has been a lot going on with the untamed team, art for the Kickstarter, internal testing of different mechanics, infrastructure work and more. We have […]

We have released the first 4 chapters of our book “The Path Awakens”! Check it out to learn more about the lore for the Untamed Isles carefully crafted by author Aaron Hodges Book Series  

Developer Update (20/08/2021)

We have been gearing up to get ready for the launch of our new website and the kickstarter. We have put out a few spoilers on our Discord and social channels, however with the launch of the new website today we have many more spoilers available. Alongside getting ready for the kickstarter and the launch […]


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