Developed by a successful author, a rich and engaging story will be experienced by the players and will be expanded upon each season as players learn and discover the mysteries of Untamed Isles.

BOOK SERIES “Untamed Isles, The Path Awakens”

“On a still and peaceful night, the world shook. A storm raged, flashes of brilliant light tore the sky, and tranquil waters succumbed to havoc and bedlam.

When daylight came, an alluring island emerged where lights had severed the ocean. Word began to spread of this new island, beckoning explorers seeking fortune and fame to set sail and venture onto its unknown shores.

The waters and lands were wild and otherworldly. Unreal creatures prowled the shores, bearing strange powers and abilities, which were discovered to be magically tethered to the crystals that littered the isle. These creatures came to be known as Tames.

In the months since more islands have appeared, adventurers who call themselves Tamers come from all over the world, to battle, capture, and breed these monsters, seeking to unearth the mysteries of these Untamed Isles.”

Players are not the protagonists in this story, the lore carefully created by author Aaron Hodges and the lead game designer Josh has the players arrive 12 months behind the “Pathfinders” who have arrived and begun exploring the Isles and uncovering their mysteries. Will you surpass the Pathfinders and uncover the hidden truths?


Untamed Isles: The Path Awakens

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