Hey Tamers,

We are excited to bring you the first of many content drops we have planned for the future. We are working hard on making Untamed Isles the game like no other. All our programmers, designers, artists, economists, musicians and everyone involved in game development have so much interesting content to share with our community. To make it easy for everyone, we decided to structurize our content releases and make them available every week here at our website as well as on Discord. We are going to do this every Monday (for us in New Zealand) which is Sunday for most of our supporters around the world.

What do we have for you in these content drops? We collect the most recent work from different departments around the company and make them available for you to enjoy. Content released during these drops can be used to admire artists’ work (you can find the artist’s name on the files) and to track the development process (there are dates shown for that). All the images and videos released during the drop are clear to be downloaded and used for creating content associated with Untamed Isles. It means, you are not only allowed, but we also encourage you to use this material for your YouTube videos, Instagram posts, Twitter updates etc. We ask you to tag our official pages (@untamedisles) where possible, so we can support your efforts through our channels. We also kindly ask you to respect intellectual property and not to use this content for any commercial purpose.


As always, we continue to share updates and content on our Discord as well as during AMA streams on Thursdays. Make sure to join us for more exclusive content and news!