Welcome back Tamers,

Happy New Year, we are so excited to be back with the first content drop of 2022!

This week we have a variety of images and videos to share with you. As you’ll see, there are several NPC concepts showing different factions and characters from the world of Untamed Isles. We had two Bug Catching tests last week, that’s why you can see a couple of assets showing bug nests and bug nets. You can also have a look at the new VFX for Burrl in addition to videos we shared just before holidays.

All content from this and previous drops is available in high quality for you to download and use for your videos and social media posts. Please make sure to tag @untamedisles, so we can repost your works on our pages!

Now let’s move from content to news. Our holiday giveaway was a huge success with more than 1,000 people participating and almost 5.5k entries! On Friday, we launched another contest that takes place on our Discord. This is the Untamed Community Arts and Crafts Raffle dedicated to the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Enter for your chance to win one of 6 gift vouchers for Untamed Isles official merch as well as early access to our online store. We can’t wait to see what our creative community will come up with!

Come join us this week for a weekly artist stream and AMA on YouTube & Twitch! Also, don’t miss the first development update of 2022 on Friday. Have a great week!