Hey Tamers,

We are one week closer to the last pre-beta test! In exactly one week’s time we will be testing the updated Combat 2.0 system. And it’s not going to be just that, we have a couple of surprises ready for our players!

Now to the content of this week’s drop. Our team has been tirelessly working on NPC concepts, and they are coming along so nicely! In addition to last week’s art, we are also happy to share concepts for Military, Monster Hunter, Revolutionary, Stablemaster and other NPCs. There is also the Alpha Pango model and Tames Rage Subtypes for you to check out.

With the pre-beta stage finishing soon and closed-beta taking its place, we will be sharing even more content! To take a look at the most current updates on the development of Untamed Isles, visit this article. As usual, there will be a weekly artist stream and AMA on YouTube & Twitch. See you there!