Hey Tamers,

Today is the day of our Combat test which will conclude the pre-beta stage of the development of Untamed Isles. It’s very exciting! You know what else is exciting? This week’s content drop! There is a variety of new images for you to check out, so let’s have a closer look.

Some of the eagle-eyed viewers spotted new Mix & Match videos during last week’s AMA. We put together a couple of combinations to showcase different tames as well as character customisations and cosmetics. We’ll be releasing them one by one in the next couple of weeks starting with today. This will give you an idea of the types of characters you can create when the time comes.

Our level design team also shared several images of the world of Untamed Isles. You can see an updated view of the settlement, market entrance, brand new imagery of the mountain biome as well as several other landscapes. We love them so much and we can’t wait for you to explore these landscapes in the game.

We also teased a combat screenshot on social media last week, now you can have a look at the high-res version. In addition to this, we have the Ross-Guppy drawing from Renee’s artist stream, Alpha Pango High-Poly Sculpt by Julie and new NPC concept art by Hazel, Rachel & Tom.

As always, all of our content is available for download in high resolution. Feel free to use it for content creation or as wallpapers. Please tag us on social media and send us links on Discord, so we can share your posts and videos.

Have a great week!