This week we have a lot to update the community on as well as a little bit of a new structure for the weekly updates, splitting it into a few new sections as you will see below. We have been overwhelmed with everyone’s support and allowing us to achieve 420% (I know, I know) of our kickstarter goal! Now, let’s cut into it.

Below we have what we like to call the important stuff 😉
• Setting up server stress test environments which will be the first round of our testing with members from the community
• Looking to Tame a VFX artist (we are hiring)
• A few of our artists have been working on a secret art project, more details to come

• New character models/animations implemented
• Initial NPC battles added
• Successfully deployed and setup a test build on google servers
• New skills added to Tames
• New launcher being tested
• Backend maintenance – the boring stuff
• New bug tracing tool for users to help provide feedback in our community tests
• New options menu (Key binding, Graphics, Audio)

Art 3D & 2D:
• Rune stones modeled and textured
• Basic fruit modeled and textured
• 3 bugs model and textured
• Added the model for the Teleporter
• Dungeon door modeled and textured
• Added concept art for lamps, crystal teleporters, teleporter stand, trees and guild buildings
• 5 new Clothing sets completed
• Kickstarter floating mount modeled and textured
• Kickstarer Alpha floating mount modeled and textured
• Textured all of Pango tame subtypes
• Textured all of Guang tame subtypes
• New Cosmetic Outfits with new hair styles on the way
• Traveler cosmetic set for the the backerkit store

• Avatar animations almost wrapp (Run cycles, walk, also added a new win and lose animation)
• Refinement of character and Tame rigs
• Animations for new character design (Idles flair animations, summon animation, egg hatching)

• New Fishing U.I
• New Rune crafting U.I
• Updated combat U.I with new static effect icons
• Loot popup U.I
• New Inventory U.I

• Updated Combat designs from Wolfey
• Completed a new forest level design
• New level design for main settlement area

• Player foot steps for different ground types (Grass, dirt, wood)
• Water/Sea sounds
• Wild sounds for ambiance
• Town ambiance to feel immersed in the town
• Weather sound effects and more in the works

• Codes for Discord sent out and used the community – if you are having issues reach out to Taylor
• Setting up clothing disbursement for kickstarter merch
• Splash art for the kickstarter Wallpapers
• And additional post kickstarter tasks we need to get wrapped up

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