The kickstarter has been launched and we want to thank everyone for their support so far. We are currently 115% funded. Thanks so much! Moving onto our developer update. There has been a lot going on with the untamed team, art for the Kickstarter, internal testing of different mechanics, infrastructure work and more. We have also hired another Game Developer to help with building Untamed Isles. Now, let’s get into the details below:

• More work done on the breeding system
• Initial setup for our auth server to connect external accounts with our Untamed accounts, e.g. the Direwolf Marketplace
• Implemented the swap Tame UI
• Improved the day and night system
• Added networking for the weather system and the time of the day
• Updating and moving the backend infrastructure
• Continuing to update and adding new Tame skills, as well as balancing and tweaking skill mechanics.
• General bug fixes around the isle and with Tames
• Updates to the UI in general, fixing positioning, polishing and updating some imagery
• Added new environment models and updated some of the existing models
• We now have a new master rig for the Tames
• New character rig and models. You may have seen some previews of these in the general chat
• Modelling the kickstarter mount
• Modelling of the Special Defence Tame, Pango
• New level design for the settlement
• General item icons added
• Created the hatchling concept art and started the modelling
• Reward outfits for the kickstarter designed and added
• Hired a new Game Developer
Launched our kickstarter and have met our funding goal
Competition launched

As always, we welcome your feedback and if you have any questions or suggestions send them our way!

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