Hey Tamers,

Lots to update you on this week, so let’s get right into it. Pre-beta period ended with the successful Combat 2.0 test – we had a lot of positive feedback about the updated combat system. The Untamed Community enjoyed battles, especially with devs! We were happy to spend a couple of hours playing the game with you guys!

Another big update of this fortnight is the fulfilment of two of our Kickstarter rewards. We sent out exclusive Thoona wallpapers last week and Guppy Portraits this week to all eligible backers. It’s great to see them as your profile pics on Discord and as your screensavers as well!

Have a look at the full list of updates below. On to closed beta soon!

• Kickstarter Wallpapers sent out
• Guppy Portraits delivered digitally
• Combat 2.0 Test

• Character creator ready to play with
• Group PvP battles
• Implemented push to talk and improved voice chat
• Limb mix and match for tames
• Skill VFX
• Implemented forfeiting for group combat
• Battle UI
• Group battle lobbies
• Added ability to remotely manage servers
• Improved versioning system
• Tame roster UI
• Improved skill tooltip UI
• Added skill tag UI
• Added fade/slide animation to combat UI
• Minor UX improvements
• Added Player only and Busy online status to social panel

Art 3D & 2D :
• Alpha Pango 3D model and texture completed
• Alpha Thoona 3D model started
• Alpha Chemmy highpoly sculpt completed
• Began working on NPC 3D models
• Finished 2D Concept & 3D models for the redesigned tame combat battlefields
• Began working on 3D models for Cave Mushrooms
• Updated environment collisions
• Cleaned up terrain geometry and vegetation on tutorial island
• Started sculpting rough blockout for the main island terrain
• Finished implementing billboard meshes for mountain biome vegetation
• Facial rig setup on Male character with basic weights paints, hips adjusted for better deforms, shoulders currently being altered for better deforms
• Basic Tame animations converted from the rigging setup to unity, fixed twitching issue with some of the tame parts

• Tame attack, damage and idle base vocalisations nearly completed