Hey Tamers,

This action-packed week continues with yet another Developer Update to provide you even more info on what we’ve been up to recently. In case you missed some of our announcements, check them here. Let’s have a look at the progress our programmers, designers and musicians have made in the last fortnight.

• Closed beta date announced
• Roadmap released
• New achievements community mining in Discord
• New community meme competition in Discord
• Infrastructure and server upgrades

• Testing lots of new clothing items
• Live balancing improvements
• New stat formulas
• More work on tame skills
• Revamping item/inventory UI
• P2P face-to-face trading
• Combat UI improvements

Art 3D & 2D:
• Begun concept visualization of community giveaway Tame
• Concept art for Hubbard and his Guppy
• Extended swamp biome concepts
• Tame Forge UI refinements
• Mailbox and messaging UI designed
• Alpha Feonii highpoly and lowpoly models completed
• Alpha Brackis highpoly and lowpoly models completed
• More Researcher and Military NPC model variations completed
• Quest giver NPC model in development
• New scripts for faster implementation of Tames into the mix/match rig
• Updated the Male and Female avatars for improved animation control and quality
• Several significant fixes to Tame Animations
• Character Facial animations for professions actions and combat actions
• Character cosmetic fixes for animations
• More animations completed for the Akibi starter mount
• Refined sculpt and texture generation for the main island terrains
• Completed the biome layout for the main island
• Created auto-generated vegetation scattering for the main island
• Greyboxing of key areas for the main island
• New Burrl vfx for ability stacks
• Improvements to combat vfx sequencing, flexibility and staging

• Guppy sound effects for death/attack/impacts
• PvE battletrack in-progress