Another two weeks have gone by and the team is drawing near to some big internal goals, with our internal test of combat 2.0 nearly ready and our Tutorial island being polished by the new Level Designers.

The team continues to grow as we’ve brought on two more talented programmers and one new level designer to bolster our development team. Last week we had our rune crafting test, we received a lot of great feedback and have since started making many design updates, fixing bugs and even changed the name of the profession to Rune Charging based on your suggestions.

• Updated website with new images & videos
• Currently awaiting approval of our Steam store page
• Streaming schedule set up
• Increased social media activity
• Our Game economists have begun researching/modelling various systems for our economy
• Hired 2 new Unity Programmers. Welcome Reuben, Rui!
• Hired Level Designer. Welcome Aaron!

• Trigger wild tame encounter when the player walks through grassland
• Auto-updater progressing for both macOS and Windows systems
• Working on characters skin color and clothing dye systems
• Reworking Bug Catching
• Getting Combat 2.0 ready for internal testing
• Fruit Catching final touches before prebeta-test
• Reworking Player movement and camera systems

Art 3D & 2D:
• New character outfit concept art
• New key area/world concept art
• PvP Drafting screen and Tame Swap UI re-designed
• Survivalist Fishing rod added
• Gempunk outfit added
• Divine outfit added
• Gem Monk outfit added
• Gemborn variants designed
• Updated 3D Models for Rune Charging and Dungeon Doors
• Updated Tame base combat animations
• Updated Character animations for Fruit Catching
• Tutorial Island updated for more playable space and professions
• Improved terrain cave/tunnel details
• New Visual effects for Rune charging and Fruit catching
• New Skelt tame ability effects

• PvP duel music track
• Character creator sound effects
• Options sound effects