Another 2 weeks have already gone by and we have another update to provide. Thanks to everyone that helped with our server tests over the last 2 weeks. It has really provided good and insightful feedback. It also highlighted some oddities that we would not have found without the server tests. Now, lets kick off into the update:

• Sorted through the valuable data from the server tests to improve and expand upon our infrastructure
• Added and adjusted parts of server pipeline methods
• Started on the new character creator
• Fixing issues with arena spawns
• New NPC combat
• Working on combat system 2.0
• New Inventory U.I
• Made good progress on the new game launcher client
• Skill Balancing for the Tames
• New graphics and control settings
• New in game voice icon
• Bug fixes based on feedback from the server tests and general feedback

Art 3D & 2D:
• Teleporter has now been textured
• Put together concept art for the Crystal spire environment
• Initial mock up model of the crystal spire
• New Character Creator U.I
• General U.I updates for professions in game
• New hair styles * 4 female
• Getting Tames ready for mix and matching limbs
• Player marks textured (markup, tattoos, blemishes)
• Fitting new cloths to the avatars
• Modeled and textured both Kickstarter Mounts
• Started saddle modeling for the mounts
• More loading screens and wallpapers completed

• Player Jump animations completed
• New profession animations (net swiping, fruit catching, fishing)

• New VFX for skills
• New Settlement building exteriors for Town Hall, Bank, Storage and Auction House
• Progress started on interior designs for these buildings

• Main theme done and implemented
• Forest night music track almost wrapped up
• Working on a battle track

Sound effects:
• Walking (Grass, Sand, Brick, Wood, Dock, Soil, Water)
• Crane/Dock sound effects
• Sea waves
• Ambiance sounds for day time (beach, forest, town)
• Ambiance sounds for night forest
• More weather sound effects

• On the hunt for a Level Designer
• Secret art project done, we will tell you guys more soon

Happy gaming this weekend everyone!

We also share updates on our Discord page, come check it out!