Untamed Isles - Fishing

We have the latest updates outlined below, before the updates we want to thank the community for all the support we have received. Kickstarter, BackerKit and Guppy Gang have been huge. We have our server and profession test coming up, we hope to see you there. Now onto the updates.

• Hiring for a few programmers
• Hiring a game economist
• Hiring a NodeJS developer
• Joshua is now one of our game designers working with Josh Grant, Wolfey and Aaron – Congrats Joshua!

• Biome detection system
• Continued work on Combat 2.0 – making good progress
• Mouse icon switching
• Server selection UI
• Lots of small fixes and features
• Character creation nearing testing stage
• Preparing for Fishing test
• Game launcher in development
• Pipeline tool for generating cosmetic snapshots
• Base system for Footstep Effects and Audio
• Initial scroll APIs ready
• Marketplace consuming scroll API and building out the marketplace more

Art 3D & 2D:
• Settlement Market stall assets created
• Kickstarter cosmetic assets for Tamer, Wayfinder, Pathfinder and Traveler
• Cosmetic Axolotl Mount asset
• Baby Guppy asset
• Subtype texturing for Pluff, Guppy
• Courage subtype texturing for all Chemmy, Pluff, Guppy, Feonii
• Player animations for Egg Hatching
• Player animations for locomotion details such as Rotations
• New animation blending for character locomotion
• Tame Rig and Animations now undergoing stress testing
• Tame Rock Totem concept art
• Alpha Thoona, Burl and Brackis Concept art
• Overworld UI overhaul
• Game Launcher UI designs
• Updated Marketing content with new characters/world
• 2D Concepts speed paint videos

• Work in progress PvP Battle music

Even more updates are waiting for you on our Discord channel, come say hi!