Hey Tamers,

What a big few weeks! Our team have been incredibly busy in the backend developing the game and have made a significant progress. Exciting updates on all aspects of the development including work on menu, character creator, concept art, animation, models, music and much more. We have also sent out boxes with hoodies, t-shirts and books to Kickstarter supporters. We hope they will reach you very soon and we can’t wait to see all those unboxing videos!

• Kickstarter merch sent out
Tik Tok page created

• Started work on tame leveling
• Improved options menu including better resolution settings
• Tame forge
• Many new tame skills added
• Player disconnection handling improvements
• Getting the character creator ready for showing off
• Reworking item/inventory UI code

Art 3D & 2D:
• Swamp biome concept art completed
• Chemmy guidebook illustration completed
• Alpha Chemmy model and texture completed
• Alpha Thoona model and texture completed
• Military Faction NPC clothing model and textures completed
• General UI updates
• Progress on the Mailbox UI
• Animation fixes for all tames
• Completed development of facial rigs for the Male Avatar
• Chemmy implementation to the mix/match setup, partial setup completed for all tames
• Development of scripts to hasten rigging setup process
• Updated skybox variation and lowered compression ratio
• Weather effects such as snow/wind are now more flexible
• Updated old combat sequences
• More terrain optimisations and fixes
• Started a detail pass on the caves
• Continued main island blockout sculpt (most of the south is done)

• More tame sound effects for death/attack/impacts
• PvE battle track in-progress