We have a lot to update you on this week. You have probably seen by now some of the concept art, the new Tame combination video, and some of the discussions in the various chats, but if you haven’t here is a list of the updates we have from the last 2 weeks. We have additional animators helping us with the Tames animations and the Avatar animations. Keep an eye out for updates over the next couple of weeks. As always, if you have any questions or have any suggestions fire them through to us in discord. Have a great day and weekend everybody!

• Updated the login screen art. See below
• Networking the new character clothes that have been added
• Added additional skills to the ‘Attack’ Tame
• New subtype materials for Tames have been added
• Reviewed and updated environment assets
• Updated the Islands level design with new areas added E.g. docks (I won’t spoil too much more yet)
• New marketing video with tame switching showcase.
• New website is in progress
• The art for the combat UI has been designed
• Designed the Tame UI Inventory art
• Implemented combat UI from the design team
• Added new models for professions (fishing, bug catching)
• New models for level design
• Setting up the database and continuing to design out the schema
• Implemented the new mini-games for professions
• Updated the player rig and weight paints
• Added new Tame rigs
• Drawing up a new Avatar concept and 3D model (thanks for the feedback, we think you will like our new Avatar look)
• Refining the tropical biome to look more like a tropical area
• Adding in a new tunnel system
•We have filled our full-time animator roles. They are now in full force assisting with polishing up the Tame animations and Avatar animations
• New animation: Special Attack – dazed/concussed
• New animation: Avatar idle, Battle idle, Summoning Tame, and Misc battle stances
• New animation: Special Attack idle and battle idle animations, Misc idle fillers
• Egg (from breeding Tames) rig and animation done
• New animation: Special Attack recoil/taking damage

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