Another 2 weeks (and a bit) have passed and we have more updates. The kickstarter is coming close to finishing and we are overwhelmed by all your support. Now, let’s get into the updates below:

• Backend Infrastructure updated and is mostly finished from a migration perspective.
• Started reworking skills and sections of the combat system for a better experience, utilizing Wolfey’s knowledge in the competitive scene
• NPC Combat system infrastructure is being worked on
• Chat commands implemented
• Chat channels + tabs has been added e.g. General, Trade, Party etc
• Working on the new combat stacking system
• Musicians started for over world music and audio
• Professions mini games U.I has the initial implementation done
• General U.I Updates to the combat interface
• Pango Modelling and texturing sorted
• Guppy Modeling done
• Pluff Modelling of the Luck Tame – Guang
• Improved cliff details
• Refined Forest and Meadow biome assets and layout on the starter island
• Optimized foliage rendering (significant performance boost) Yay!
• Bugs Modelled/Textured for bug hunting (name still under review) mini-game
• A 3D Artist addition to the team – Amanda
• New Combat Designer – Wolfey
• Hired 2 New Programmers Kees & Mike – Mike starts in a few weeks time
• New Female/Male Model, textured and rigged
• New Female/Male movement animations
• Concept Fruit trees for fruit mini games
• Warp stones concepted and started modelling
• New Clothing sets added to the game
• Animated flair animations (Idle player animations when the player hasn’t moved for a while)
• Standard kickstarter mount modelled
• Akibi mount modelled
• Alpha Kickstarter mount modelled
• Gem born texture variants completed

Have a great week everyone!

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