Hey Tamers,

Welcome to the first developer update of 2022! The team is back from holidays and ready to rock’n’roll. We have been working on a variety of things, including new features and also some fixes based on the feedback we got during previous tests. We are super excited for you to try Combat 2.0 in our upcoming test on January 31, and we can’t wait to welcome even more players to closed beta tests soon.

• Added language switching and localisation
• Updated website

• Working on some secret Combat 2.0 stuff for the upcoming test
• Fixed bug catching bugs caught during bug catching test
• Updated rune charging profession
• Made changes to server-database communications
• Camera movement updates
• Push-to-talk implementation
• Fruit catching bug fixes
• Implemented mounts system
• Added some test mount items
• Refined player professions
• Professions now grant exp
• Fishing animation fixes
• Started work on Premium Shop

Art 3D & 2D :
• Updated PvP arena concepts
• New NPC faction concepts
• New named NPC character concepts
• Key Settlement NPC concepts
• Combat Buff, Debuff and Status effect icons updated
• Combat ability tooltip UI updated
• New PvP Duel lobby UI
• Settlement clutter and detail pass
• Settlement texture detail updated
• Mountain biome texture detail updated
• Many terrain hole and collision issues resolved
• Fixed/Updated several professions animations
• Updated Male character animations
• New Tame Animations for Idle states
• Updated Tame leg IK animations
• Tested character mesh physics
• Began modelling Alpha Thoona and Pango Tames
• Began modelling Swamp and Cave fungus details

• New sound effects for Tames vocalisations