The last developer update of the year. It has been a busy year and we want to thank everyone for their continued support in the Untamed Isles. We have had a lot of growth in the team, the product and the community. Lastly, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to everyone.

Steam store page setup
• Building economy management systems
• Researching anti-bot systems

• Getting a sneak peek of the character creator ready for the next test
• Implemented a basic player professions UI
• Slightly reworked the loading screen
• Polishing bug catching
• Implemented 99.9% of Movement 2.0
• Added some editor tools
• Added player idle animations
• Improved controller support
• Turned weather back on
• Started testing Combat 2.0 internally
• Made improvements to player crystals
• Started work on the new social panel
• Progress made on the Game Launcher – Standalone from Steam

Art 3D & 2D :
• New icons for combat statuses
• Social UI updated
• Professions leveling UI concepts
• Shopkeeper & Sailor npc concept art
• Rogue faction npc concept art
• Tame courage type textures updated for Thoona, Brackis, Skelt & Burrl
• New default character cosmetics
• Gempunk Mount added
• New Tame spawn and despawn animations
• Updated character animations for Rune & Fruit professions
• Detailed caves on starter island
• Many small fixes to the Settlement
• Settlement market area updated
• Settlement Auction house area updated
• Mountain biome added to starter island
• New Skelt & Burrl ability visual effects
• Updated Rune & Fruit profession visual effects

• Audio concepts & reference for Tames