We are getting closer and closer to the end of the year. It has been a super busy one for the team here at Untamed Isles. Not only has the team been super busy with building the game, but the team has grown substantially. Last week we had our fishing test, for everyone that participated, I hope you enjoyed it. We have a lot of valuable feedback and have started fixing bugs and consolidating the feedback to review. For everyone that celebrates thanksgiving, Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy this time with Family and Friends.

• Hired Marketing Manager
• Hired Game Economist
• Hired NodeJS Developer
• Hired DevOps Engineer
• Hired Level Designer
• Hired Programmer

• Implemented FMod audio in scenes for forest and beach biomes and their ambience.
• Fixed bugs found from last week’s fishing public test
• Getting runecrafting ready for next week’s public test
• Fruit Catching Improvements
• Quality of life features added to the login UI
• Revamping Combat 2.0 UI
• Testing lots of new character creator items
• Good progress on the game launcher

Art 3D & 2D:
• Keyshot concepting for book reference scenes
• New alpha concepts for Burl, Brackis, Thoona, Pluff, Pango, Guang, Chemmy
• Major battle UI revamp
• Updated and simplified main overworld ui
• Replaced mini-map with a compass system
• Market stall assets for Settlement
• Kickstarter cosmetic crystals
• Gempunk cosmetic set completed
• Gem-Knight cosmetic set
• Updated player locomotion animation
• Many fixes and adjustments to Mix/Match Tame rig
• New combat animations for default attacks
• Skybox quality improvements and optimisations
• Weather system lighting and effect adjustments
• Visual effect for Fruit Tree node spawns
• Shader for player crystals

Our Discord is full of content including concept arts, development process and more. Come join us!