What a busy 2 weeks we have had with many more to come. As you have noticed, we have the Guppy Gang project announced and will be ready shortly for people to start getting their hands on to Guppy NFTs. Now that is out of the way, we have been doing a lot of rejigging and refining of the current infrastructure and systems.

• Hiring new level designer – role has now been filled
• Hiring NodeJS full stack developer – reach out if you are interested!

• Continuing with adding new character creator features
• Reviewing and changing the pipeline for development for faster content updates
• Arena spawning location system fixes
• Updated Game Launcher for easier future tests
• Getting professions ready for the next server test
• Combat 2.0 mechanic testing
• Local muting option
• New input handler for control rebinding

Art 3D & 2D:
• Marketplace stalls models
• New environmental props model (Signs, Carts, Market Stalls and more)
• Concept art for Tame statues
• Completed Guppy NFT project and some test runs of the guppy generation
• Finalizing U.I over world mini map
• Finished up the last of the hair styles for the character creator
• Working with an Alchemist Backer to create new concept art for a new Tame
• New movement animation for the female avatar have been completed
• Working on the movement animations for the male avatar
• House keeping with the Tame and character rigging
• Breeding table modelled and being textured
• New big tree for the fruit picking
• Guppy gang website launch
• Phat loot defi website designed
• Guppy paradise concept art
• Chemmy model complete
• Chemmy texturing started for all the types
• Feonii modelled and fully textured/all moods done
• Battle start crystal animation for the male avatar
• New idle animation for the male avatar
• New bug models that have been textured and are ready for testing
• Starting work on the kickstarter clothing
• New character eyes generator
• New character tattoos
• VFX added to bugs
• Guppy wallpaper

• Creating different combat sounds and sound tracks making the experience more immersive

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