Hey Tamers,

It has been another big month in the world of Untamed Isles. The Easter Guppy dropped a few treats for tamers including new merch, new combat updates, and some new content drops. Let’s get right into some of the exciting development updates.

Taylor also talks us through the latest updates in a video:

Combat changes

April saw three key changes to combat:

Power Swapping: Every battle you have 3 power swaps, allowing you to swap out a tame and use a move from the new tame in the same turn. 

Wild Card Moves: Each tame has three base moves that can be unlocked with just one limb. These moves don’t require building a stack to use.

Stat Allocation: For further customization of your tames, you can now allocate attack, special attack, defense, special defense, and agility stats to create the perfect build.

Tames Designed By You

This month we designed two new tames with the community. The Bull Tame (name undecided) had its moveset designed over livestream. This livestream resulted in a taunt-heavy, armoured, retaliating tame. Bull Tame is one to watch for! Watch the video here.

Next our community was put to the task of visually designing a brand new Monkey Tame (name undecided). Picture an adorable and wise tamarin monkey and you’ve got the idea! 

Player & NPCs

NPC fans rejoice! We made huge progress on our NPCs including completing rival NPCs and rogue faction NPCs. Pirate and hunter faction NPCs are currently in progress.

Big updates have also been made on the character customizer and new clothing items for tamers are also being produced.

New Merch

You asked and we answered. New merch has now been added to the store with unique tames designs: shirts, hoodies, stickers and more. The Pocket Tame Collection features pocket-sized chibi versions of your favourite tames. The Spring Collection features adorable flowery tame designs.

View the Pocket Tame Collection

View the Spring Collection

Phat Chat Podcast

You like video games, we like video games, let’s catch up! Some of our team members from the studio have partnered up on a new project, The Phat Chat Podcast. We discuss the state of video games, retro games, the MMO industry and more.

And more

There are some more updates from our Programming, Art and Music teams. We all appreciate your interest in Untamed Isles and want to provide you the most transparent and detailed updates possible. Thanks for being with us!

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