Hey Tamers,

Well, we are halfway through the year and even closer to the early access launch of Untamed Isles. There’s a little bit of something for everyone in this dev update; battlers, collectors and NPC-fanatics can all find a thing or two to enjoy. On that note, let’s press on with it.

Dev Vlog

Don’t miss the video version of this update! Watch the new Dev Vlog with Taylor & Bre.

Rare tames

If you’re a shiny hunter or a collector, you’re going to want to pay attention to Gemborns and Alphas. This month we coloured some of our gemborn tames. Thoona sculpted out of rose quartz? What about a ruby-style Thoona? If you’re lucky to encounter a wild gemborn tame, make sure you capture it as these tames are incredibly rare!

The fierce Alpha Burrl is also taking shape. This alpha is a bold mix of floofy and toothy. Look at that overbite!

Combat Improvements

Tamers who love to battle will be pleased to hear that our combat system has gone through some serious refinements. The combat system is now easier to understand in battle with readability UI improvements.

We have also introduced a counterplay / adaptability combat mechanic to improve engagement.

Wild Tame Encounters

Be careful strolling through the long grass, you never know who you might encounter. Devs have been working on programming the wild tame encounters in the long grass.

Tame Combinations

Imagine a monster taming game launching with just ten tames. Now imagine with those 10 tames, there are 1,500,000 different visual combinations to capture and battle. Watch our new video explaining how limb swapping works in Untamed Isles.

NPC’s now chase, wander, and… fall in love?

NPCs are now popping up all over the isles. Thanks to our clever devs, they now chase the player (you!) into battle and stroll through the isles looking for adventure.

The art team have crafted all tier 1 faction NPC models in 3D. We’ve been releasing some of the original concept art for NPCs, which it is fair to say our Untamed community have been loving. In p -yet-to-be-released-researcher NPC and Tucker have been shipped.

Fan art by Jie_isles


What says “ooh ahh”, has a curly tail, and hordes a polished crystal? Our cheekiest tame has now been designed with the help of the community. Throughout June our community worked together to select the monkey’s head, body, and colouring. The end result is very cute.

The Untamed community is a creative bunch and this has really shined through during June. The community photoshopped their favourite tames into real world scenarios to help imagine a world full of tames. The community also put their creativity to the test building an Untamed Isles Minecraft server.


The best way to keep up to date with all our updates is to wishlist Untamed Isles on Steam and join our Discord server. See you there!

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