Hey Tamers,

Welcome to the Untamed Isles March 2022 Update! You’ll notice this one looks a bit different and combines the elements of our developer updates, monthly news & content drops. This one is also the very first to include a video version to go with it. Excited? Us too! Let’s jump into it!

Closed Beta Round 1

Closed Beta is a very important stage of the game development process and it gets even better as we welcome more players into the game. Several hundreds of new players joined the first test alongside our supporters with pre-beta access.

We had so much fun together! Lots of features have been added and updated, including an extended testing island to explore, new tame forge and dual combat system.

Combat System

This first test of Closed Beta was focused on Combat & Tame Creation.

The team made multiple changes to the combat system based on the feedback collected during pre-beta test. For the first time ever, players had an opportunity to try the dual combat system that provides more fast-paced action when battling your opponent. There were more than 700 battles registered in Round 1!

Tame Forge

Tame creation is something all tamers are extremely excited about! This test introduced the Tame Forge – a place where you can create your perfect tame. With the first 4 tames being available for this test, there were over 15,000 combinations to play with.

We have a full video overview of the Tame Forge with some pro tips from Zolrain on how to create a perfect tame and put together a strong team.


Tamers in closed beta also would’ve noticed our new testing island including oceans, fields of flowers, cliffs, caves, forest, and beaches all open to explore. The work on the main island continues, as our Level Design team create an amazing world for our tamers to explore in future.

Apart from creative things like working on new biomes and creating new areas, there’ve been technical improvements done this month, including updated cliff and rock generation methods for more variety. We can’t wait to show our main island to you!


As always, a big part of our work has been on developing the tames we know and love, as well as introducing some new tames. For the first Closed Beta test we had 4 tames available for players to customise: Brackis, Burrl, Skelt & Thoona.

The team have also been working behind the scenes on other tames including 3D sculpts for Pluff and Guang being completed in March. The team also finished Alphas artworks & 3D models and started developing moves for future tames. There are also new illustrations for Pluff & Pango available on our Instagram.

Merch Store Launch

Another big event of March was the official launch of the Untamed Isles Merch Store. This project has been in the works for some time and we were so happy to finally share it with our community.

Incredible art created by the game artists is available on a range of products, including t-shirts, hoodies, mouse pads, laptop sleeves and stickers. How can you resist buying a Guppy hoodie? There will be more to come in following months with new designs and products hitting the store.

St Patrick’s Art

Burrl wished all tamers a Happy St Patrick’s Day, filled with rainbows, luck, and lots of tasty clovers. Arlena presented a very beautiful take on St Patrick’s Burrl and did it live during the artist stream. Isn’t it impressive?

We are so lucky to have talented artists on our team to create unique Untamed Isles-themed art. Josh sure found a few four-leaf clovers when hunting for his team!


March also brought some changes to our streaming schedule. We now go live once a week and have either AMA or Artist stream depending on what week it is.

This allows us to provide even better content to you and work on other cool stuff (like all those images and videos). Plus we have redesigned our streams’ layout and introduced stream recap videos for those of you who can’t watch streams live.

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Discord Activities

We are not only lucky to have an amazing team, but our community is absolutely incredible. We enjoy spending time with our Tamers! There is always something cool happening on our Discord, make sure to join the Untamed Isles server if you haven’t already.

  • Current contests:
    Easter contest: Arts & Crafts categories, 4 winners will get Closed beta game key + $50 merch voucher
    Tame contest: ‘beauty’, ‘ugly’ & ‘tough’ categories, 3 winners will get $50 merch vouchers
  • March contests:
    Game achievements: more than 400 ideas were submitted
    Memes contest: Jie, Callamander412 & Tubbadough created the funniest memes that were added to the official Discord

And more
There are some more updates from our Programming, Art and Music teams. We all appreciate your interest in Untamed Isles and want to provide you the most transparent and detailed updates possible. Thanks for being with us!