Hey Tamers!

We are one month closer to the launch of Untamed Isles. The team is busy as always working on the game and building the magical world for all our Tamers to enjoy. Let’s recap what has been happening in May and also have a sneak peek at some exclusive content we haven’t shared until now.

Taylor’s Video

As always, this update is available in video format with your favourite host Taylor.

Character customisation

Finally it’s time to add personality to your in-game character. Character customisation is now up and running to help you create unique combinations of appearance and clothing.

We have a selection of cosmetics, tattoos and other customisation options available now with lots more to be added soon. Character customisation will be available to all our tamers participating in next tests. In the meantime, you can have a look at this beautiful video showcasing some of the outfits.

NPC updates

The work on NPCs continued after last month’s progress, and now we have even more updates to share with you. We’ve completed 3D models for Revolutionary, Bandit, Banker, Auctioneer and Merchant NPC and we are so excited for Tamers to meet them on the isles. The team also developed an NPC AI system for more interesting battles and interactions.

Monkey Tame Design – Community Voting

This month we also continued a tradition of designing tames with our community. After the Monkey tame (name is still undecided) was created during the stream, we asked the Untamed Community to select their favourite design of this tame’s face. We had a pretty close voting with a couple of options attracting lots of attention, but in the end there was a clear winner. It’s time for the design team to work on the body of this tame and get back to the community for the feedback. Keep an eye on our Discord to participate in future polls!

World Updates

Seeing how the world of Untamed Isles is coming together is absolutely magical! The work continues on many fronts with the team developing new areas of the Settlement Island as well as making improvements to systems created earlier.

This month, huge progress was made on the weather system, which now reacts with the time of day. There are also new Dungeon environments in development as well as updates being made on professions.

User Interface

Every detail is super important because we want to provide our Tamers with the best user experience possible.

In May, our design team was focused on creating new icons and updating user interface elements. Just have a look at these tames icons, how cute they are! The first version of the game launcher has been completed on both design and programming end, which is a big milestone in the development.

Discord spring clean

We love our Discord server because it’s the place where our community is most active. To make the server even better, we gave it a spring clean.

You can now see the updated roles for game and community announcements, new channels structure, refreshed rules and faq posts. Next step is introducing more community activities. Make sure to join our server to get the latest news about Untamed Isles!

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