Another two weeks have passed since our last update and we have some exciting updates and progress with the development of Untamed Isles. Not all of the updates are visual or super exciting from a player perspective but help with the fundamentals of scaling the game. Have a read of the updates below and reach out if you have any questions or suggestions on what we can do to make the updates better.

• Scroll infrastructure is still in the works
• Character creation UI has been designed and implemented. It is looking sharp!
• The new arena has been setup and polished, check out some of the images in #official-images (Discord Channel https://discord.gg/Nkj33vRVNz)
• Started designing the UI for the Tames skills, keep an eye out for updates on these screens.
• Our database and schema are starting to come together nicely, utilizing our cloud technology partners
• Good progress has been made on the wild area mechanics (behind the scenes infrastructure) where a PvP match cannot be declined
• The floating crystals above a player have now been setup to move correctly with the player
• Added additional skills in-game for the Tames
• Fixed some minor issues we found with the arena when it spawns in
• Finished rigging the Vitality and Defense Tames
• More normals textures have been done for the Vitality and Defense Tames
• 50% of the subtype materials on the first 4 Tames have been completed. Keep an eye out
• Improved on the Untamed Isles Island with additional visual effects and minor bug fixes
• Swapped out the old ocean shader with a new more clean looking one
• Additional spawning in effects for Tames
• Pre-alpha Tames battle loops are being prototyped and will be ready to showcase in the coming weeks.
• Hired an additional 3D Generalist to assist the team with animations, rigging, and design

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