Hi all, we are starting our developer updates this week. Keep an eye out for future updates every fortnight. Below is a list of different items and tasks we have been working on over the last few weeks. We welcome all feedback and look forward to showing the community the progress and updates we will have over the coming weeks and months!

• Scroll infrastructure partially set up. This includes the database, core configuration, and skeleton of the CRUD APIs
• Breeding system architecture set up. Starting to utilize the scroll database to look at the Tame’s family tree
• Untamed website landing page live – prepping the infrastructure for our official website
• Combat UI infrastructure set up for battles, getting ready to start populating with styling. This includes the infrastructure for tooltips
• Achievement system infrastructure set up ready to start populating with achievements
• Player title infrastructure completed and ready to add titles
• Added additional textures to a few of the Tames
• Settlement area mapped out getting ready to put the permanent structures in place.
• Combat camera system infrastructure completed and ready to position them correctly for battles
• Added more animations to the few Tames we have completed
• Weather system is completed for the different biomes
• Beginning work with the dungeon instancing
• Strength and Weaknesses chart – see the attached image
• Completed another rig for one of the Tames
• Designs for character creation UI mockups are progressing nicely
• The avatar is mostly complete with interchangeable clothing. We have some minor tweaks we will be making over the next few weeks to polish it up.
• Defense monster has been completed and is ready to start importing into the game
• Additional Kickstarter content created – keep an eye out for our Kickstarter

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