The Untamed Isles is bringing a fresh new approach to crypto related gaming. We aim to utilize the positive applications of peer to peer trading through crypto without the invasiveness of integrating into live gameplay or making it a mandatory feature of gameplay. We are calling this “Game first, Crypto second”.

We have identified that not all players are wanting to engage in crypto as a requirement to play games, for this reason it is not required in any way to play, capture tames or enjoy all the other features the Untamed Isles has to offer.

We provide an in-game trading system and auction similar to other MMO’s. However the vast majority of items, tames and other collectibles can also be tokenized and can be claimed through wallets to be stored, traded, sold and bought through our website marketplace or other channels.

We have also developed a unique software called “Scroll”. This software is a public facing ledger that tracks the creation, ownership and activity of all items and tames that enter and leave our games servers. You can look up assets on our website and see their full history.

Between the game servers, Scroll and our online marketplace we will provide a service that allows tamers to obtain tames, items and more for them to trade or sell on the marketplace. Ultimately allowing them to earn real world fiet while they enjoy our title.