Happy holidays from Untamed Isles!

End of the year update, Kickstarter fulfilment info, Steam store page, new content and other news of 2021 are waiting for you in this post. Let’s dive into it!

Hey Tamers! First of all, we would like to wish you and your families all the best for 2022! Next year is going to be very exciting, and we have lots planned for the next 12 months. We can’t wait to finally welcome players to enjoy Untamed Isles!

The Untamed Community has been the highlight of our year. We couldn’t ask for a more helpful or supportive community, and the fan art you all have been creating has been incredible.

We now have the Untamed Isles page live on Steam! This is a huge milestone for us personally, and we are looking forward to seeing our Steam community grow. You can check out the latest content and info, add Untamed Isles to your wishlist and start discussions with fellow tamers in Community Hub.

We’ve also just recently sent out Steam keys to our Pre-beta backers (Pathfinder and above). By redeeming those keys in the Steam store, you’ll have your copy of Untamed Isles added to your library and will be able to participate in future game tests. More keys will be sent out as we approach the closed beta and then towards the early access. If you are a backer with pre-beta access and you haven’t received your Steam key, please contact us.

Development is in full motion as we move from feature test to feature test. The new year holds huge feature updates and beta access for our tamers. We have added a weekly update on our socials, website and discord that covers our development and design updates. We will be locking in and announcing dates following the holiday break for our closed and open beta.

Testing has well and truly begun, we are currently holding regular Pre-Beta testing and are working rapidly towards closed beta. Thanks so much for all of the community support during these tests. A holiday hat cosmetic will be issued to all participants.

We’ve recently started doing weekly content drops to share visual updates on the game development process. Every week, we pick fresh art, texture tests, vfx videos, user interface concepts, screenshots and other content from Untamed Isles. This content is available on our website with the link to download files. We encourage creators to use it for their own videos and social media posts.

We have also released our first book “The Path Awakens” by Aaron Hodges. It is already collecting some outstanding reviews. Set 12 months before the players arrive, The Path Awakens follows the story of the Pathfinders, the very first to discover and explore the Untamed Isles and is a beautiful introduction to the world we are building.

As a company we have also seen enormous growth, our staff count growing from around 10 to upwards of 40 and continuing to grow. We have formed a new branch of our company called Phat Loot Defi. They have already produced their first project, an NFT generative art project named Guppy Gang, which was a huge success.

Kickstarter was a huge success and we would like to thank all our supporters! We have multiple rewards we are working on, so let’s take a quick look at the fulfilment process.

• Pre-Beta – Tests are currently running, Steam keys were sent out this week
• Closed Beta – TBC, will be early 2022
• Open Beta – Will follow the Closed Beta
• Early Access Launch – To be announced following the Open Beta period

Digital Goods
• Discord Ranks – Redeemed
• In-game Title – To be redeemed at launch
• Digital Wallpaper – January 2022
• Digital Handbook – In works
• In-game Items, Mounts and Cosmetic Outfits – To be redeemed at launch
• Soundtrack – In works
• Housing – Redeemable with housing expansion patch, expected mid to late 2022
• Alchemist Monster Creation – 2 Designs complete and being 3d modelled.

Physical Goods
• Signed Books – Signed and ready to be shipped, waiting for the shirts to be printed and sent together
• Survivalists Custom Guppy Portraits – January 2022
• Shirts and Hoodies – Printing starts on January 17th
Unfortunately, our first supplier did not meet our quality expectations, so we have moved to a local New Zealand supplier who is producing some excellent shirts with stunningly vivid prints. The only downside is that the Christmas and New Years break has resulted in them not being able to print until the 17th.
• Property concept art – Redeemable with housing expansion patch, expected mid to late 2022

We would like to say a huge thank you for all your support in 2021! It was a big year for our team and community, and we are very excited to welcome all players to Untamed Isles in 2022. We are going to have a massive in-game party for next year’s holidays and you’re all invited!

We are currently running the Untamed Isles Holiday Giveaway with some amazing prizes. Check it out!

We wish you all the best for the upcoming holiday season!
The Untamed Isles Team