Here are some answers to questions following our recent announcement. Please also see our latest post here which addresses false information that is currently circulating https://untamedisles.com/addressing-some-misinformation-and-misunderstandings/


Why was this decision made?

Launching an MMORPG for our first title was always an ambitious goal – we knew this from the start when we undertook this project. We hired a team of 70+ staff over 2 years in order to bring this title to life. Despite everyone’s best intentions and passion for this project, there have been so many circumstances outside of our control. 

What are the next steps for the studios? 

We will be keeping on a small team to work on our smaller titles to release as soon as possible. 

We are changing the direction slightly, to focus on smaller deliverables and build the studios back to a point where we can confidently continue the Untamed Isles project.

Our passion for developing video games has not been lost, and we aim to release titles in the future as we are in the position to. 

Untamed Isles:

Will the game be released later?

We have every intention to release Untamed Isles in the future, as we have seen a strong appetite in the market for a social monster taming MMORPG title. While the game will not be launching on October 6th, we are aiming to launch this title in the future when the market has improved. 

What if I backed on Kickstarter/Backerkit?

Due to our cash reserves being empty, we are not in a position to refund our initial backers. We are truly sorry about this and wish this scenario was different.

What if I purchased a pre-order pack?

All pre-orders will be refunded and we will contact customers via the email address they provided on purchase. 

Guppy Gang: 

What will happen to the Guppy Gang NFT collection?

The Guppy Gang project will continue to remain live and no changes at this time. 

Will I still be able to breed generals?

Yes, there will be no changes made to the breeding mechanisms at this time. This will continue as per usual as they’ll be required to play the Crypty Crawler game. 

Will I still be able to claim GTT on a weekly basis? 

Yes, you will still be able to claim your GTT provided that your NFTs are eligible for claiming. 

What are the next steps for Guppy Gang?

We do expect there to be a few holders who are not happy with the short-term decisions that we’ve had to make. But all decisions made have been for the longevity of the studio and the Guppy Gang NFT collection represents our success through the highs and lows. We do hope that our holders will support us through this difficult time. Our future plans for the community remain uninterrupted.

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