Hey Tamers,

Another month has passed by, let us update you on what is happening in the world of Untamed Isles.

Closed Beta Announcement
Untamed Isles is ready to announce the plan for closed beta! Join us for the announcement on the 2nd of March (check your local time on socials & Discord). We are going to release more information about what you can expect to see during the closed beta and who has access to these tests. Our team will also share some new content and will answer your questions during the AMA session. Follow the event on Discord to get notified when it starts!

Merch Store
Final preparations are taking place for the Untamed Isles merch store launch. Website – check, amazing new web banner by our talented artists – check, samples – check, vouchers system – check. We are so excited for you to see all those designs! And this is just the beginning of what will be an extensive selection of Untamed Isles products. The launch date will be announced during the 2nd of March event.


Kickstarter Rewards Fulfilment
We are happy to say that the Kickstarter supporter boxes were sent out earlier this month and some of our backers have already received them. We hope you all will enjoy your books, t-shirts and hoodies! We can’t wait to see all those stories and unboxing videos! Tag us on social media and we will repost your content to our pages.

TikTok Page
Speaking of social media, we have set up a new TikTok page. We have already posted a couple of videos there and got our first followers, so that’s an exciting start of our TikTok journey! Join us if you enjoy short funny videos as much as we do!

Game Achievements
Untamed Isles is a community driven game, and we are extremely happy to have such an active and dedicated following. Recently, we created a channel on Discord where everyone can share their ideas on what achievements they would like to see in the game. Your reaction to this was straight up overwhelming with almost 300 ideas submitted in the first day! Thanks for investing your time and effort into this! This channel will be available to the public for several weeks, so feel free to add your ideas there.

We love spending time with you guys, that’s why we do weekly streams on our Twitch & YouTube channels. We also want to provide the best possible value to all the viewers, so we decided to redo the schedule a little bit. Starting March, all our streams will be happening at 2 PM Thursdays (NZ time) / 8 PM Wednesdays (EST). One week we will have an AMA and the other week an artist stream. This will allow us to plan ahead and provide you with even better content to watch and enjoy. To avoid confusion, set up notifications on Discord and get info in your local time on Twitter.

IGN article
The word is spreading about Untamed Isles! We were extremely pleased to see the game mentioned in an article on IGN. Being featured on such a huge game-focused website is an honour. You can read the full text here.

Valentine’s Day Art
We hosted multiple Valentine’s Day themed events, including several artist streams and community arts & crafts contest. During this activity, so many amazing artworks were created. Have a look at those cute images on our Instagram page.